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gigs in north devon

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North Devon Gigs lists as many gigs as possible happening in the North Devon region. You can browse all gigs, view gigs by date on the calendar, view gigs by venue or find gigs in North Devon by town using the list below:

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As a rural region, North Devon may not have the resources to attract the biggest bands that regularly play the major cities throughout the UK but we have loads of home grown talent to be proud of, many of whom could go on to be the next generation of big bands and play major venues themselves, so don’t miss out. Get out there and support our local bands and local venues.

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Bands, artists and venue owners are all welcome to add their gigs to this website for free. Just create an account or login via your social media account and start adding. It’s easy and free.

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There are lots of places to advertise your gigs for free, one of the most popular being Facebook. The problem with Facebook is that posts can appear randomly and not in chronological order, so it’s not always easy to find all the information you need.

With North Devon Gigs, your posts stay visible and available until after the gig has passed. Gigs can be browsed or searched by band name, venue, date or location, giving more opportunity for people to find your gig.

North Devon Gigs is a community site. Free to use for everyone who supports and loves live music in the North Devon region. The site relies on community participation to work. The more gigs you add, the more people will use the site and the wider your audience will be. We currently have over 800 users and over 1000 visits per month, which is great, but can always be improved on with your help.