The Lagan Live at The Pally!

Saturday 11th May 2019 - Sunday 12th May 2019
21:00 - 00:00



The Palladium Club

Irish Folk / Punk / Rock / Ska

YouTube Video:

Support: TBA

Tickets: £8.00 Adv – £10.00 Door!

The Lagan Bio:

After forming initially in 2008 as a “[mal]function” band that would go and play drunken folk songs at parties in exchange for some booze, The Lagan became something of an urban myth: a potentially great band that was only held back by the fact that they didn’t rehearse, and didn’t have any songs, and didn’t play any shows. But following a drunken trip to the USA in 2009 (see “Sunny Day In Southie” on our debut album for a detailed account of that particular trip) where they saw London’s own Biblecode Sundays perform in a Boston bar, it became clear what had to be done. And so, friends who could play instruments were dragged out of the local boozer in Kingston-Upon-Thames and assembled to form a mighty racket and overall, to have fun.

In 2013, The Lagan released their debut album “Where’s Your Messiah Now?” on Banquet Records, then proceeded to beat a path through the UK and Europe, and won crowds over everywhere they went with their blend of punk rock and traditional folk music. The band have established themselves as an unmissable live band with their gigs, electrifying, passionate and honest songs, as well as visible blood, sweat and tears.

The band are hard working, hard partying, hard playing and have an unshakeable DIY work ethic, so don’t miss them when they come around.