Thursday 4th July 2019 - Friday 5th July 2019
21:00 - 00:00



The Palladium Club

Palth are making their debut in Bideford. Their are all the way from Stockholm and play Rock influenced by Budgie, Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Neil Young, Wilco, Kiss, Thin Lizzy, Down

Tickets: £3.00 on the door!

A smoking hot, fresh form of Hard Rock meets Garage Rock, Thin Lizzy’s sense of style for soulful rock along with that best seventies pub-rock feeling

the palth plays melodic rock with influences from bands like Kiss, Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden as well as a bit of blues based, gasoline drippin’ Rock n’ Roll. Spiced up with their own fresh ideas, you get a fist punch to your gut, a freight train through your brain, a high speed get-away leaving you waiting for the next attack…

the palth was formed in 2009, but had gone through several changes before settling on the current line-up in 2012. The prior addition of singer Charlie Honk (ex Speed Parade), had brought the vocal power to a solid and weathered duo consisting of drummer Artie C (ex Jernrot, Moonshine) and guitarist as well as main songwriter Kimmo V. When Halli “Iceland Thunder” Ara (ex Core Of Nation) joined the ranks, the rhythm section was complete. A foundation to which guitarist Urban Al (ex Psychosomatic Cowboys, Theme), could bring the missing pieces in order to complete the line- up. Their debut EP was well received and generated good reviews.

the palth is
Vocals: Charlie Honk
Charlie “Honk” Holmqvist manages to express power and feeling in a unique way. He never leaves an audience untouched. As a military veteran he began his career as a singer/frontman during his tours abroad. At first in various cover bands. After returning from duty he took the role as frontman for the sleaze metal band “Speed Parade” before joining the palth.

Rhythm/Lead Guitars: Kimmo V
Kimmo is a self-taught songwriter sprung out of the punk/hc scene in sthlm of the mid 90ies. After releasing a couple of records, an intense period of touring began in sweden and europe during the late 90ies. Mainly focused on songwriting for own projects and others during the following 10 years, he then hook up with Artie C through a local band ad. The encounter led to focusing on the sound from the better playgrounds called the 70ies. The result was the palth.

Lead/Rhythm Guitars: Urban Al
Urban Al has played everything from progressive metal to musicals. After graduating from school followed an intensive period of touring and playing in different bands before deciding to take a break from music altogether for a couple of years. Since he’s been back he’s not slowed down a bit. He has toured around in Sweden as well as the US in different constellations, both as a freelance guitarist and in different bands.

Bass: Halli “Iceland Thunder” Ara
Mr Halli Ara from the barren plains of Iceland, has played in different bands for many years. He also used to lend his talents to Swedish doom metal band Core Of Nation with whom he toured intensively.

Drums & Percussion: Artie C
Art has been an active drummer in Sweden and abroad for over two decades. He has played in Jernrot and later in Moonshine. He has played various kinds of styles from jazz rock to heavy metal.