Jaz Delorean (Tankus the Henge) Solo Tour

Friday 3rd January 2020 - Saturday 4th January 2020
21:00 - 00:00



The Palladium Club

Jaz Delorean of Tankus the Henge will be embarking on a solo UK tour, and coming to The Palladium Club for an intimate night of music!

Tickets: £8adv – £10door

YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/rRR03YLRNdk?t=14

Jaz Delorean is a London based British singer, with the band Tankus the Henge and also on his own. He has a colourful past and a fascinating present. The songs that he sings and plays on the piano are tender observations of our fragile and sometimes twisted existence on this planet, taking inspiration from bar-room piano players of the Old West, the mournful melodies of his Cypriot ancestry and a patchwork of comic and tragic stories from growing up around a travelling funfair.

Strange things happen in dreams, but stranger things can happen in waking life, and Jaz Delorean has never shied away from baring his tattered soul to anyone willing to listen. He’ll pull at your heartstrings, and get you dancing to the rhythms of his fingers and forgetting your own worries for a time, before skulking off into the blackness behind the neon carnival lights again. Some things aren’t meant to be kept.