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Run for fun North Devon Gig Guide

This is not-for-profit website, built for the use of the North Devon music community and relies on input from the community.

While there are already places on the web to find gigs, there is not one place where all gigs are listed and available to search by venue or date, so there is a big chance of missing out on a band or artist you might enjoy.

The more bands and venues that add their gigs, the more useful and used the site will become.


I love music and I love living in North Devon. There are some great venues and some great talent out there.

I am hoping that this website will give other music fans a better chance of finding out who is playing where and when.

The site was built and is managed in my free time entirely for the love of it and is free to use for everyone.

If you find any bugs or have any complaints or suggestions, please contact me.

One great place to find North Devon Gigs is Gigs in an around North Devon on Facebook where the Group admin, Neil, kindly allowed me to promote this site, so please follow the link and give him a ‘like’